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Assassin (game) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Assassin a spoon , a common Assassin weapon Players: 2 or more Setup time: 1-7 days Playing time: 1–10 weeks Random chance: Little* Skills required: Research Stealth Espionage * Targets are randomly assigned Assassin (also Gotcha , Assassins , Paranoia , Killer , Tag , or Elimination ) is a live-action roleplaying game , played in close-knit groups, where players try to eliminate each other from the game to become the last surviving player. [1] Assassin is lifestyle-invading. Game-play occurs at all hours and in all places. [2] Each player is the targeter and the target of at least one player. Since an elimination attempt can occur at any time, players become watchful and paranoid. Game-play Assassin has no official publisher (published variants include Killer [3] ), causing variance in the rules. To begin, game hosts assign targets secretly. A player may only know whom he is targeting. Players eliminate their targets until only one player remains. When a player eliminates his target, he gets his victim's targets. If only one player remains the game is over. Eliminations (also kills ) occur when a target is removed from the game because of his targeter's actions. Game rules always list the actions that cause elimination. A safe-zone is a place that protects a player from elimination. Safe-zones are declared by game hosts. They are picked to maximize fairness and minimize disruptiveness. Safe-zones that increase fairness are places players are required to go, and places players live. Safe-zones that
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decrease disruptiveness are places where formal activities happen. Three examples of formal activities are school lectures, religious services, and workplaces. Eliminations made in the presence of a
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PoetsonPoetry - Assassin(game From Wikipedia the free...

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