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GenderMusic1 - Nick Piccirillo MUS 1933 323 Words Gender...

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Nick Piccirillo MUS 1933 January 14, 2008 323 Words Gender Issues after Many Years Many years ago, the female gender was seen as the inferior gender seen as troublemakers, weaklings, and wicked beings. The ancient way of viewing the female gender was based on the myth that Zeus made women beautiful on the outside and wicked on the inside. This myth caused people to view women has wicked troublemakers. Women were also seen as weak according to ancient myth. The myth details how the women’s genitalia are proof of their lack of “heat,” or strength: “[According to Aristotle, the] ‘feminine’ state of body results from a defect in natural heat.” (Tuana) Generally people may believe that current social norms would have the public dismiss these thoughts as “old fashioned,” however; I believe that this way of thinking is still prevalent in today’s society. Some may think the role of the female gender has changed, however, gender role
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