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Nick Piccirillo MUS 1933 January 22, 2008 Words Women in Classical Music For many years women were completely left out of the classical music scene and while there may be a few exceptions it is still, generally, the case today. Hundreds of years ago, women were left out of the classical music scene because of many reasons. Some of the reasons that women were not involved in classical music include: the fact that women were not allowed in choirs run by the churches or choirs that sang professionally, women were generally only supposed to provided background noise in painting rooms by singing or playing the piano, and because women who had both home lives and professional lives were seen to have a bad reputation. Today, things are very different. Women are still not prominently featured in classical music, however, in other forms of music that are popular today women are featured as some of
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Unformatted text preview: the biggest talents. Performers like Kelly Clarkson, The Dixie Chicks, Little Kim, and Sheryl Crow are considered major talents in Pop, Country, Hip Hop, and Rock genres, respectively. Why do you think women are more easily able to enter the popular music scene today rather than the classical music scene? One possible answer may be that during the conception of these different types of music women were viewed differently in society. There are still examples of stereotypical aesthetics in music today. In classical music, different pieces have a distinctly feminine or masculine orientation. Today this is still true. For example, many pop songs like Hit Me Baby One More Time have feminine aesthetics and are also viewed as feminine, like most pop music. This is one example of a tradition of classical music staying alive today....
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