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Nick Piccirillo MUS 1933 January 29, 2008 486 Words Musical Form The term “musical form” relates to the type of composition a piece of music (like a symphony or a concerto) or the structure of a particular piece (for example, if a piece is written in sonata form or binary form). When Susan McClary discusses musical form in the introduction to her book “Feminine Endings”, she focuses most of her discussion on the structure part of musical form and how it relates to gender issues (mostly oppression) and the views of society at the time of composition. McClary states: “ Music is also very often concerned with the arousing and channeling of desire with mapping patterns through the medium of sound that resemble those of sexuality” (page 8). McClary also states: “… [P]ieces influence and even constitute the ways listeners experience and define some of their most intimate feelings, they participate actively in the social organization of sexuality” (page 9). In these quotations, McClary suggests that musical form is used to not only express a
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