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Ons non numerical digit entered for

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Unformatted text preview: ance=(firstResistor+secondResistor)*thirdResistor print “The total resistance is “,totalResistance” ohms. END Test Cases Input Actual Output Expected Output 1,2,3 12,000 12,000 2,4,6 24,000,000 24,000,000 4,1,2 4,100 4,100 6,7,3 67,000 67,000 8,9,5 8,900,000 8,900,000 Error Condi.ons Non- Numerical Digit entered for firstResistor,secondResistor,thirdResistor. Problem #2 START print “What is the first x- coordinate?” read “firstX” print “What is the first y- coordinate?” ready “firstY” print “What is the second x- coordinate?” read “secondX” print “What is the second y- c...
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