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Nick Piccirillo MUS 1933 February 19, 2008 426 Words Laments of Feminism Music has always been a means for the people who right it to make social commentary to express their own personal feelings. This can be seen today in the form of female punk music and in the early 1900’s as the soulful black female blues music. In her essay “Duality and Redefinition: Young Feminism and the Alternative Music Industry”, Melissa Klein discusses a new type of “third-wave” feminism that emerged during her childhood as a culmination of the two different types of femininity she experienced as she was growing up. Stating that this new type of feminism “emerged in the alternative music community and elsewhere” (Klein) and became a “paradoxical identity with traditional feminism” (Klein), Klein describes this feminism as the belief that women can be both violently angry and glamorous. The first person I thought of when I read this passage the current alternative music star Avril Lavigne. At first people really liked Avril Lavigne and
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