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Nick Piccirillo MUS 1933 March 25, 2008 400 Words The Courtesans In the mid 16 th century there existed a group of women known as “the courtesans.” These women were essentially prostitutes; however, they did not have the social stigma attached to them that prostitutes today do to them. Instead, they were revered as being associated with wealth, power, and the upper-class. The reverence that was given to the courtesans can be seen through the example of one courtesan who was very well-known and respected, Barbara Stress. This reverence arouses many enticing questions about women in society today. In Susan Griffins “The Book of the Courtesans,” Griffin gives a history of the courtesans, for example, Griffin states that the main aim of the courtesans was to become “fancier” by making money, buying fancy jewelry, and learning to participate in classy activities, like playing the piano. In Ellen Rosand’s essay “The Voice of Barbara Strozzi,” Rosand gives an example of a successful woman
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