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Nick Piccirillo MUS 1933 April 1, 2008 430 Words Women Roles in Hip-Hop The ideas and views that are portrayed in many hip-hop songs by rap artists (a.k.a. gangstas) have always been the target of scrutiny and serious critic by society. Some of the images that are presented in hip-hop songs that obtain the most criticism are those that relate to the roles of women. Some critics fight this by giving examples of how women choose to fight these stereotypes; however, there are others who think that focusing on this aspect of hip-hop takes away from some of the more serious issues presented in hip-hop music. In the essay “Hip Hop,” the author gives example of how women choose to respond to the roles they are given in the hip-hop community. The author cites Melyssa Ford as a woman who chooses to “create her own hip-hop,” Karrine Steffanes as a woman who “becomes a critic,” and Zuhariah Khaldun as a woman who “works behind the scenes.” What interests me most about the
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