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HY150/002 Cronon, Changes in the Land Essay Although, European Colonists changed the land a bit more drastically than Native Americans, the land was still dramatically altered by these native peoples. Before Europeans arrived in North America, Indians affected the land in a relatively low manner. They took only what they needed, with both plants and animals alike, which allowed the ecosystem to rebuild itself on an annual basis. Minimal land was destroyed due to farming since only the Southern Indians were people of agriculture. Most northern tribes moved throughout the seasons which caused minimal impact on the Northern ecosystem as a whole. However, after the Colonists arrived and began making permanent settlements in North America, much of this changed. Northern Indian tribes had a tremendous impact on northern wildlife. As Cronon stated through out the book, beaver pelt and many other animal pelts were sought highly by Europeans. As Cronon also stated, Colonists did not posses the skills needed to catch many of these animals, especially beaver (92). Northern Indians were primarily responsible for driving the beaver, as well as many other animals into near extinction for the mere fact of the high demand from European traders. With the near extinction of the beaver came other impacts on the ecosystem. Without beavers, there was no restraint on lakes and rivers, which meant there could be no more ponds. Ponds would dry up and become little marshes.
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Cronon Essay - Michelle Belsher HY150/002 Cronon, Changes...

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