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Grammar! 1. The genitive case (1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd declensions, understand how the article works for gender and number) (only words from those chaps. in PII that are also on the vocab list will appear in this context on the final) PII 48, 50, 52 2. ‘to have to do something’ know the three ways we learned to express this: tá orm, caithfidh mé, is gá dhom. Be able to change the person and use these in sentences 3. comparatives: make sentences of the type tá Bríd níos fearr ná Darren. Be able to use irregular comp. adjective (only from adjectives on vocab list, of course!) 4. the conditional tense: regular verbs and irregular verbs, the substantive verb.
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Unformatted text preview: (Learning Irish 22, PII 38-39) ONLY 1 st person and 3 rd sing forms for the exam 5. Past habitual tense: regular verbs only (PII 45, LI 24) 6. autonomous forms (regular verbs only!!) in present and past tense (PII 54-55) 7. Direct and Indirect Relatives (present tense) (LI 18, handout) *Always be able to conjugate verbs in past, present, and future. Remember the difference between the copula and substantive verb….and let me know if you need any help! **The Irish to English section will draw on learning Irish 18 and 19, no other Learning Irish chapters… ádh mór…...
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