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Practice Final Celtic 133 I. Translate into Irish: 1. the man’s hat 2. the place of the shoes 3. the teacher’s story 4. I have to go to Galway 5. You must do your homework 6. The pony is smaller than the soldier 7. You would be content. 8. Would she be here? 9. I used to buy books. 10. It was cleaned. 11. The window is closed (everyday.) 12. I see the actor who is talking.
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Unformatted text preview: 13. I see the cat that has a hat on. II. Translate into English: Is cailín cliste í Bríd. Tá sí beagnach trí bliana ar an ollscoil anois. Tá sé go hiontach. Is as oileán beag í. Tá timpeall sé mhíle farraige idir é agus an cósta. III. Write four sentences in Irish about your family....
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