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Poli Scie Paper - In the article "Integrity or Craft: The...

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In the article “Integrity or Craft: The leadership Question” by Stanley Fish, he explains that the prospective voters are looking for particular qualities in our next leader rather than what he considers important, their stand on political issues, skills, and ability to keep the nation secure. He disputes against selecting a president who is “good” based on his/her integrity, morals, and character. Fish believes that in order for the leader to carry out his/her executive power effectively certain skills. He suggests a candidate who has craft rather than integrity, but “have sufficient craft to produce integrity’s image” for the purpose of “political contest”( Fish, 113). Fish finds integrity as a problematic characteristic because the leader cannot hold up to the same ideals and values for every situation he is placed in. As an example he uses domestic and international diplomacy because of the very nature of dealing with different forms of governments the ideals applicable to one country does not necessarily apply to another. Thus, the consistency that integrity demands doesn’t give the leader the flexibility he needs to keep the country secure from enemies. Fish views the characteristic as a limitation to governing. Second, he believes that electing a president because of his morals poses a problem rather than a solution because it binds the country to certain morals that the leader cannot steer away from when trying to negotiate. Moreover, through Hobbes he reinstates his argument by agreeing that the job of the “sovereign” or the leader for the country should be to “secure the property of every man against the depredations of his neighbors …and the ability to make good on these obligation will have nothing to do with his moral character (Fish, 112). In other words, morality should exclusively
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involve personal matters and whether the leader has morals should not reflect on his ability to run the country. If anything morality becomes an inconvenience for example with policy making because there is no room for flexibility. Third, according to Fish when a president is elected “by their relationships with their family and friends” it is neglecting to acknowledge whether the candidate has the “ability first to recognize, and then to deal with many, the many problems facing the nation” (Fish, 111). In other words he means to say we shouldn’t care about his personal relationships but rather he has the ability to resolve issues. All three characteristics represent a good individual which in Fish’s point of view gets in the way of leading the country, a position that calls for pretending and deceiving for the sake of the nation. I believe he believes this because he begins his article by stating that the candidates are
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Poli Scie Paper - In the article "Integrity or Craft: The...

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