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11/9 Lecture notes States demand important past. 18th Century was the age of enlightenment where archeological collections that belong to states begin to appear. Europeans wanted to classify objects so as to understand the culture. They tried to collect as much as possible. Expansion of territories begins with empires. They encounter new races and new languages. First exploration, then control. 1798-1799 Napoleon invades Egypt. He wanted to move on to invade India to take it from Britain. He brings natural philosophers with his expedition. Artists sketched what they encountered as there was no photography. Nelson interrupts the French army. France ceded their antiquities, including the Rosetta Stone, to Britain and can now be found in the British Museum. Competition between institutions, they were collecting loot not archeology. America comes in late, not as interested in territory. Individuals begin to loot archeological findings to sell to states. These indicate wealth or social status. 1880’s state sponsored
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