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Lecture 11/30/2006: The BMAC Soviet archaeology excavated widely but not deeply central Asian sites: just as large as sites on Iranian plateau o different metallurgy and technology o NO writing Oxus Civilization (BMAC) o Namaga depe = type site for Central Asia Bronze Age V. Sarianidi’s hypothesis: o BMAC spoke Indo-Iranian o were “proto-Zoroastrians” o archaeological culture reflected in sacred books of Aryans Avesta and Rigveda o C.C.L.K. claims there is no evidence for this Sarianidi also: o excavated Gonur depe 2100-1700 BC these settlements are heavily fortified central area that looked like a castle
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Unformatted text preview: all Oxus sites like this outer wall, middle wall, inner wall, castle o made models to show pastoral nomads as a nuisance to other societies dont contribute to other civilizations BUT pottery in steppes found in these civilizations can only come from nomads! had seals used in same ways as Mesopotamia (cylinders and stamps) bullae appear 2000 BC derived from Mesopotamia various scultputes (large and small) o ~12 known of that are the same form of a woman probably organized into khanates, not states...
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