lecture 26 - Lecture 10/26 Egypt > Egypt what can allow for...

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Lecture 10/26 – Egypt > Egypt – what can allow for comparisons of emergence of complexity at this point - Pyramid – Inca, Mesoamerica, Egypt * labor organization/centralization - harness large number of individuals to create monumental architecture – MUST be a symbol of a complex society - represents religion - centralization of labor = centralization of authority - religious purpose - religion – legitimizing authority; captured by administration > Monumental architecture dedicated to religion, & religion legitimizes authority – no place does this better than Egypt * Militarism – early complex urban state formations: militarism and expansion is present > Egyptian Empire - begins with empire - militarism, monuments, theology – cosmos and creation of humans and nature - predynastic Egypt (before 3100BC) – poorly known - no major role in Neolithic Revolution - settlement in Nile late (approx 6500 BC; Levant approx 9000 BC) - Egypt agriculture derived from Levant - domesticated animals are brought in * animals – cattle, cow (N & E Africa) - Egyptian archaeology among the earliest - Napoleon in 1799 – Egypt ‘rediscovered’ by Europeans - 1000s of years, standing monuments were “IGNORED” by everyone; everyone living in Egypt – no concerns with archaeology and answering questions - there was a military conquest competition between France and (? – missed this) - take Egypt to cut off supply to India (India – becoming the base of the British Empire - Napoleon journeyed 2 months to Egypt, then had a confrontation with India, but FAILS to take Egypt - outside of Alexandria – destroys Navy - British forces take over Egypt (much Egyptian artifacts in Boston Museum, including Rosetta Stone) - Boston MFA – Old Kingdom – early pharoahanoic dynasties - Egyptian architecture – English, French, English until 1920s, when Egyptians took control of the field themselves > 200 BC emergence of Egyptian complexity - Archaic Dynasties: 3200-2900, Dynasties 0, I, and II - Dynasty 0 – names of individuals regarded as 1 st pharaohs - in Maya, individual states, here EMPRIE, and moving quickly will be empire until Anthony, Julius Caesar, and Cleopatra defeat it and bring the Roman Empire - 700 miles – Nile; in Cairo (Memphis*) – administrative democracy rule by pharaoh.
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lecture 26 - Lecture 10/26 Egypt > Egypt what can allow for...

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