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Oxus, SB 8 notes - pp. 215-232 Part 1: Bactria-Margiana...

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pp. 215-232 Part 1: Bactria-Margiana Archaeological Complex (Oxus Civilization) – Bronze Age, Central Asia (ca. 2200-1700 BC) -Cities located along Murghab River, or in the deltaic fans, where extensive irrigation canals allowed expansion of agriculture -Excavations at Altyn depe, one of largest Bronze Age settlements in Central Asia, gave primary definition to such settlements -Virtually every type of artifact has technological basis in Egypt, Mesopotamia, or Indus, but no writing, and very few thoroughly foreign objects -Mesopotamian cylinder seals found, but w/ distinctive motifs carved on them -Indus stamp seals and carved ivory sticks -Oxus have distinctive, monumental architecture: 1 building dominates community called a qala - perhaps a “temple/palace” similar to those of Mesopotamia? - Wealth of archaeological evidence in graves, esp. ceramics, metal, stone - Many domestic dwellings - Could serve as citadel for defense -Lineages very important and form basis of social structure - each settlement had its own local production, agricultural produce, and domestic dwellings - khan: ruler of settlement, lived in qala -Had horse and chariot technology -Possible visual IDs: -Metal axes (see p. 223) – probably not intended for practical use (no evidence of use) but as status symbols, found buried with both men and women in qalas -8 female stone statues (see p. 224), identical in materials and design, found in BMAC sites (function/significance unknown) -Women had high status in Oxus – evidenced by larger amounts of wealth in female tombs (contradicts typical Bronze Age findings in other areas); descent is often reckoned
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Oxus, SB 8 notes - pp. 215-232 Part 1: Bactria-Margiana...

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