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Mayan Ruins Movie Sections 11/28, 12/12 -Location: Pyramid (El Castillo) at Chichen Itza, in Yucatan Peninsula -Large tourist site. In particular, many tourists come for the spring and fall equinox, as they believe these times of year had significant religious meaning for ancient Maya at Chichen Itza. -On the equinoxes, at the rising and setting of the sun, the corner of the structure casts a shadow in the shape of a plumed serpent - Kukulcan, or Quetzalcoatl - along the side of the North staircase. On these two days, the shadows from the corner tiers slither down the northern side of the pyramid with the sun's movement. -A majority of such tourists are new age spiritualists, whose conceptions about the ancient Mayans are at the very least completely ignorant, and often hilarious (one man claims to be reincarnation of Mayan prince, and was brother in his past life to the filmmaker [who is an archaeologist]. They learned the art of levitation together).
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Unformatted text preview: -Spiritualists want to use the sites for their ceremonies-Local people try to illegally vend various items at the site-Site security personnel enforce the ban on both such behaviors, though in a very mild manner.-The government wants tourists to treat the site as they would a museum.-Government claims these restrictions are a result of complaints by other U.S. tourists.-Much of the video involves the filmmaker interviewing either spiritualists or the security personnel.-One spiritualist mentions popular literature (B. Dalton in particular) as the source of her knowledge.-For the most part, the filmmaker makes fools of the spiritualists.-Major themes:-competing narratives/desires ---------------> tourist-who owns the past native people-responsibility of the archaeologist national governments archaeologists, national and foreign artisans ruin guards...
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  • Maya civilization, Chichen Itza, Kukulkan, New Age spiritualists, Chichen Itza. -On, Mayan Ruins Movie

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