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Unformatted text preview: artition into the Carbowax 20M, compared with the non‐polar SE‐30. 6. (10 points, Modified from Skoog 28‐7) Define: a) isocratic elution. b) gradient elution. c) reversed‐phase packing. d) normal‐phase packing. e) ion‐pairing chromatography. (2 points for each part) (a) In an isocratic elution, the solvent composition is held constant throughout the elution. (b) In a gradient elution, two or more solvents are used and the composition of the mobile phase is changed continuously or in steps as the separation proceeds. (c) A reversed‐phase packing is a non‐polar packing that is used in partition chromatography with a relatively polar mobile phase. (d) In a n...
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