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Unformatted text preview: Join Ideas After the semicolon, use a conjunctive adverb to indicate relationship. A conjunctive adverb is a transitional word that indicates relationship and is used to join two closely­ related, equal thoughts. Conjunctive adverbs are also known as Transitional expressions See list on pg. 261 in Little, Brown Handbook Add a semicolon and conjunctive adverb to join ideas She passed the final exam; however, she didn’t pass the course. I studied for several hours; therefore, I passed the test. Punctuation with Coordination Punctuation with Coordination When joining two sentences (complete thoughts) with a coordinating conjunction, remember to use a comma. We went to the mall, and then we went to eat. When joining two sentences with a conjunctive adverb, use a semicolon between the sentences and follow the conjunctive adverb with a comma. He didn’t pass the test; however, he passed the class....
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