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lecture 2 (Egypt video)

lecture 2 (Egypt video) - The father of King Khufu built 5...

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Egypt video Great Pyramid- built during King Khufu’s reign -it was constructed under his instruction- used slavery- or large work force 5 th century b.c. writer, Herodotus: first to propose that Khufu had pyramid built using slaves Graves of slaves was found: -found remains of human bones and tools used in building the pyramid -600 graves were found with 1000 bodies -ratio of women’s to men’s bones in workers’ village was the same They also found a tablet with worker’s names- it listed the days that they were absent, reasons for being absent- revealed that they had a fairly good life - a fairly “free” society
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Unformatted text preview: The father of King Khufu built 5 pyramids (if the pyramids were graves then 1 probably would have been sufficient) The Nile River: Kurt Mendelson hypothesis: When the river flooded for 4 months, building the pyramids provided work for the farmers that were out of work- building the pyramids became a “unifying common task” – the pharaoh would give food and clothing in return -ppl were grateful- the employment contract explains why a number of pyramids were built Pyramids: a unification of upper and Lower Egypt The ultimate purpose of the pyramids still remains a mystery...
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