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terms thermo to barbie - Thermodynamic Monumentalism I'm...

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Thermodynamic Monumentalism – I’m guessing this refers to the Indus civilization and their monumental sanitation systems (flush toilets included!), wells, and baths Hierakonopolis – one of the 3 kingdoms of Egypt before it was unified; large settlement in Upper (southern) Egypt; walled community; excavated “royal” cemetery; probably a political center for the smaller villages nearby (see book pp 128-130) Memphis – 1 st “capital” of Egypt Obsession with death – the Egyptians; mummification; Seti burial (people sacrificed to accompany pharaoh in afterlife); strong belief in afterlife; put all “functional” items in tomb, not art (eg. clay bread seen as real for afterlife); pyramids *the pastoral nomads also seem to have been deeply concerned with death; 12-15 ft shaft leads to underground wooden house; stone mound up to 8m high and 100m long on top; horses found in burials (see lecture 12/5) Unification of Egypt – Menes, commonly know as Narmer, also know as the Scorpion King; united north and south Egypt in 3100BC; beginning of dynasty zero; established empire as form of Egyptian government for next 3000 years; establishment of pharaoh god-king Competing narratives - These are my notes from section on 12/5, when we finished watching the Chichen Itza movie. This is literally what Kate wrote on the board:
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terms thermo to barbie - Thermodynamic Monumentalism I'm...

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