lecture 14 - Indus civilization pretty darn big, but why...

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Indus civilization – pretty darn big, but why don’t we know anything about it? It lacks “art” o So little art, they can’t even “put on a museum show.” It hasn’t been done, yet the Indus incorporates the largest geographical spread of any ancient civilization. o It collapsed UTTERLY. It remains the only Bronze Age civilization whose script is undeciphered. o It has an awesome sanitation system and some other technological advances. Today (Note: this section is kind of scattered, but I think , basically, that there was a search for the Aryan homeland; Indians think it’s in India, Nazis thought it was in Germany. Then he goes off about Hitler. But that’s the basic idea, here, I think.) o Perceived by Indian archaeologists s as the original pristine origin of complexity of civilization in southern Asia. Ancestral to today’s inhabitants. o 1700s – William Jones discovered that Sanskrit, Persian, and archaic Greek were related. All Indo-European languages are related. Indo-Iranian languages: Sanskrit, Akkadian, etc. belong to group of people called Aryans in ancient Indian religious books. Aryans are regarded in India as the Indus civilization. o They talk about the coming of the Aryans who replace the indigenous people. o Concern for Aryan homeland is dreadful. The search for the homeland in Germany is search for the Urheimat. o Where did the Aryans come from? They came from somewhere and diverged to become Indians, Armenians, Greeks, Scandinavians, etc. who all speak related languages. Indo-Aryans – first language. o William Jones 1770s – chief justice of courts in India. In India there is an emerging sense of nationalism and ethnic identity of Hindus with a political party called BJP. It is a powerfully nationalist political party. They believe the Indus is an Aryan civilization and that the Aryan civilization originates in the area of the Indus. o A more horrendous aspect of the search for Aryan homeland emerged in 1920s in Europe – political belief of the Nazis that Aryans originated in Germany. German archaeologists believed it. Aryans spread out and had a hierarchy of racial biology and significance; thought the Indo-Germans were the best of these people. Slavic peoples although members of the family were subordinated. Jews were not Aryan and thus were something to be eliminated.
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lecture 14 - Indus civilization pretty darn big, but why...

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