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Unformatted text preview: SA-50 Urban Revolutions Fall 2006 Key terms Below is a non-exhaustive list of IDs from the 2nd half of the course. These will get you thinking on the right track. ________________________________ _ BMAC Dynasty O Divine Kingship Mastaba Nomes Pyramid City Imhotep Xoser/ Djoser Soviet Archaeology Proto-Indo European Aryans Aryan Invasion Bent Pyramid Zoroastrianism Qala Khan V. Sarianidi E. Kuzmina Altyn Depe Gonur Depe Togolok Namazga Chariots Stepped Pyramid V.G. Chile Upper and Lower Egypt Old, Middle, New Kingdom Rosetta Stone Buto Thermodynamic Monumentalism Hierakonopolis Memphis Obsession with death Unification of Egypt Competing narratives Chichen Itza Khufu Caste formation Caste system Asymmetrical foreign trade City planning "Priest King" Sir M. Wheeler "Barbie dolls" Harappa Mohenjo Daro Allahdino Shortugai Meluhha Dilmun Weight System "Great Bath" "Granary" "Assembly" "College" Pollution Purification Pastoral nomads Domestication of the horse "Ice Maiden" ...
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