Lecture 7, Earle, and Postgate

Lecture 7, Earle, and Postgate - Lecture 7-Civilization the...

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Lecture 7 (10/10/06)-Civilization, the state, the cities, and their economies: Uruk – 1st city o also time period -- 3600-3300 BC o Southern Mesopotamia o 750-1000 acres o 20-40 thousand people “social technology” leads to administrative bureaucracy o writing invented refers only to economics o standardized units of weight, volume, other measurement o seals used as form of signature Sacred Precinct o Residence of the En political and religious leader of Uruk uses relig. to justify leadership o also residence of patron deity in Uruk – E-Nanna(sp?) E-Nanna gives En authority POSSIBILITY: patron deity maintains state of nonconflict among states invasion of another god’s land – HERESY! no longer applies by 2300 BC writing – anything which can be used to communicate over great distances o bullae – first texts clay ball containing simple tokens signs from tokens on outside of the ball seal to authenticate contents 3600-3500 BC squashed bullae led to tablet writing o tablets En seen on tablets all over Mesopot. first were numerical in nature, then included signs some may show political alliances other social tools: o standard weight to monitor production of goods example: gold and making bangles o mass-produced pottery ~3200BC at one site, may be standardized volume, or bread molds differs from Ubaid (previous time period’s) beautiful pottery
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Bronze Age Economics – T. Earle (the most boring thing I’ve ever read) political economy - material flow of goods and labor through a society, channeled
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Lecture 7, Earle, and Postgate - Lecture 7-Civilization the...

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