Lecture 5 - Readings Service, E. “The Origins of...

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Readings Service, E. “The Origins of Government”. SB p. 29-42 -A “government” must include these general features: -a form of instituted control that is relatively permanent -it is “prafamilial” (exists over and above rules of kinship order) -an organized structure of specialized parts arranged in hierarchical order -its primary purpose is an integrative one (provides benefits for subjects, public law, etc) -Two primary ideas for state formation: conflict theory and integration theory -Conflict Theory: -Two types of conflict theory: intersocietal (warfare) and intrasocietal. -Hebert Spencer was the most prominent intersocietal conflict theorist. -advocate of social Darwinism. -in order to survive, groups of people had to fight over resources. -“argued that warlike competition among societies in early times would favor those with the best leadership and most obedient populace” (p. 32). -believed intersocietal conflict resulted in compounding smaller communities into larger ones, leading to an evolutionary development toward complexity. -sucessful conduct of war forces members of society to learn “subjugation to imperative command” -stressed that conflict was a key political process that helped state formation, however conflict was not the only factor of state formation. -Friedrich Engels -believed threshold of civilization was reached when a new advance in the division of labor occurred. -with commodities and the idea of “money” came along the idea of “debt”. -those who controlled debt and commodities distinguished themselves into a higher social class. -believed that civilization is based on the exploitation of one class
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Lecture 5 - Readings Service, E. “The Origins of...

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