Lecture-22-why unit cost

5 interest rate set it for annual compounding enter

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Unformatted text preview: Flow Enter Set Up the Total Life Cycle Cost Boxes Cost Tell it what year the road goes Into service. To Use the ERR and Modified IRR you must specify the rate of interest available in your external investments Enter the rate of interest on external investments as a % (don't put %) 4 Period interest rate 0.04 (in decimal form) ERR (version 1) 0 % annual NPV investment 539699704 NFV earnings ERR (version 2) 0 % annual NPV investment 537188869 Mod. IRR #NUM! % annual To Use the Total Life Cycle Cost you must specify the compounding period where the project goes into service and the number of compounding periods that the project remains in service after starting Start of Project Life 3 Useful Life 50 PV at Start of Project -701590484 Total Life Cycle Cost -35501984 Tell it how long the road lasts. Read Off the Answer Read To Use the ERR and Modified IRR you mus...
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