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Lecture-22-why unit cost

Has brought idot another proposal ryan to build an

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Unformatted text preview: t IDOT another proposal Ryan to build an black-top highway instead. to The highway would cost only $400,000,000 and could The be built over two years (two payments of $200,000,000 the first being now) the The road would have to be striped every 5 years of use The for $200,000. for After 6 years of use the highway will need $10,000,000 After in chuck hole repairs in The next year (7) the chuck holes will cost $20,000,000 The to repair. to Cuddling Black Top Cuddling In year 8 the chuck holes would cost $30,000,000 to In repair repair In year 9 the chuck holes would cost $40,000,000 to In repair repair At the end of 10 years service the road would have to At be completely resurfaced for $120,000,000 be After 5 years of post resurfacing use the chuck hole After saga would repeat again. saga After 20 total...
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