Lecture 10 - Israel Figueroa Lecture 10 [10/19/06]:...

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Israel Figueroa Lecture 10 El Mirador [250 BC – 150 AD] – Large Mayan city from Late Pre-classic period o 16 km 2 w/ reservoirs, causeways, pyramids San Bartolo [ca. 250 BC] – Mayan Pre-classic site o Murals depict mythical scenes and crowning Kings took names of gods when they ascended to the throne o Few actual texts found Monuments from 750 AD (Classical Maya) depict similar scenes (i.e. crowning ) o One scene shows royal court gathered at a palace o Glyphs denote titles “Ajaw” – lord or king “Aik’uhunn” – priest “Eb’eef” – messenger “B’aaahtz’am” – jester o Evidence of ritual transformation through costume and dance Tikal – Important Classical Mayan site [Present-day Guatemala] o Temple 1 (Great Jaguar Temple) – steep step pyramid with temple on top Burial of king Jasaw Chan K’awii I [AD 682-734] Over 65 different Mayan city-states, each with its own Holy Lord o Sites are ranked – King of big state oversees crowning of king of lesser state Tikal, Palenque, Copán, Calakmul – Big states o Kingdoms vied for hegemony in order to collect more tribute o Each city-state had its own glyph (place name)
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Lecture 10 - Israel Figueroa Lecture 10 [10/19/06]:...

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