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1 Beata Wanczyk Professor Bennett October 16, 2007 Relevancy of the First Amendment Although the First Amendment has proven to be successful in various instances since its adoption in 1791, there have been several occurrences since then to suggest otherwise. Several cases this past year alone serve as proof that the First Amendment is not relevant in today’s society. Particular cases focused on in this essay are those in regards to: Don Imus, the radio personality that was let go for voicing his opinions, the noose incident at Columbia University involving racist insinuations, and the Patriot Act that infringes upon our rights of privacy and speech daily. Therefore, the First Amendment is not applicable in the present day, and thus the document should be reconstructed in a way that would allow the people and the media to be better warned in regards to their freedom of speech. Don Imus was a popular radio broadcaster that was fired last spring by CBS radio and MSNBC for his derogatory statement over the radio about the Rutgers women’s basketball team. Imus referred to the women as ''nappy-headed hos'' while discussing Rutgers's 13-point defeat to Tennessee in the women's national championship game. He was fired from his job with WFAN shortly thereafter 1 . Imus inappropriately phrased his statement, even though he had not broken the law, nor had he physically harmed anyone in the process of doing so, he managed to insult a 1 Crouse, Karen. "Hot Topics Big Part Of Social Gathering." The New York Times 16 Oct. 2007. http://blu ehawk.monmouth.edu:2336/us/lnacademic/results/docview/docview.do? 2 Jacques, Steinberg. The New York Times 6 Oct. 2007: 9. 16 Oct. 2007. http://bluehawk.monmouth.edu: 3 11 Oct. 2007. 16 Oct. 2007. http://bluehawk.monmouth.edu:2336/us/Inacademic/re sults/docview/docview.do?
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  • First Amendment to the United States Constitution, Rockefeller Center, Freedom of speech in the United States

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1st Amendment Essay - 1 Beata Wanczyk Professor Bennett...

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