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NRS 493 Professional Capstone and Practicum Topic 4 DQ 2 Compare and contrast two change theories, and determine which theory makes the most sense for implementing your specific EBP intervention. Why? Has your preceptor used either theory, and to what result. Nurses, by far the majority of healthcare providers, are poised to play an invaluable role in changing the healthcare system of the future. With direct patient care roles, nurses have a unique opportunity to implement EBP that not only improves patient outcomes but also places economic value on their actions (Moore, L. 2017). Lewin’s Change Theory was developed by Kurt Lewin. He developed a three-step model of change. One action is unfreezing which include determining what needs to be changed for example surveying the company and understanding what change is necessary. Ensuring support from management and to frame the issue as one that is impact the company positive.
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