Sailboat stability hw nd slove - C = 64b^3 C^-3/(4b)^-3 =...

Sailboat stability hw nd slove
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Aminata Kamara Assignment Week III 1. Sailboat stability. To be considered safe for ocean sailing, the capsize screening value C should be less than 2 ( ). For a boat with a beam (or width) b in feet and displacement d in pounds, C is determined by the function a) Find the capsize screening value for the Tartan 4100, which has a displacement of 23,245 pounds and a beam of 13.5 feet. C = 4d^-1/3b C = 4(23,245)^-1/3(13.5) value of the problem C= 1/23245^1/3 * 4(13.5) exponent apply first C = 54/3√(23245)^2/23245 multiplication is done C = 0.07 b ) Solve this formula for d . C/4b = 4d^-1/3 b /4b both side divide by 4d C/4b = d^-1/3 (c/4b)^-3 = (d^-1/3)^-3 all part is raised to -3
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Unformatted text preview: C = 64b^3 C^-3/(4b)^-3 = (c/4b)^-3 = d 1. Sailboat speed. The sail area-displacement ratio S provides a measure of the sail power available to drive a boat. For a boat with a displacement of d pounds and a sail area of A square feet S is determined by the function a) Find S to the nearest tenth for the Tartan 4100, which has a sail area of 810 square feet and a displacement of 23,245 pounds. S=16(810)(23,245)^(-2/3) multiplied S=12960(0.0012) S=15.55 b ) Write d in terms of A and S . S/16a = 16a/16a d^-23 (S/16a)^-2/3 (d^-2/3) ^-2/3 both side divide by 16a (16a)^2/3/(s) ^2/3 = d now d is place on the right hand side for the final answer...
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