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Midterm 3 Review

Midterm 3 Review - Midterm 3 Review WOMEN IN SPORT Intro...

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Midterm 3 Review WOMEN IN SPORT Intro vast differences between genders in sport participation (form of stratification) women’s participation very recent still vast differences - money - respect - gender socialization Gender Social Order Polarization & inequality A cultural issue - some societies women are superior western industrial society - women passive - men active Historical Male Roles provide protect procreate (impregnate women) Historical female roles give birth to children nurture the family emotionally support and serve husband Historical role of sport to socialize men into their roles - provide (hunting skills) - protect (war skills, loyalty, etc) - sexually dominate women for men, sports are a rite of passage a verification of manhood History of Gender Roles in early, pre-industrial USA, there was not much difference between gender roles during industrialization - men productive, women stay home - production shifted from home to factory - home became a place of love, emotion, escape from cold, cruel world Cult of Womanhood middle and upper class women women at home—not out in public women inherently sickly, weak, frail
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woman’s function was to do nothing; be dependent economically productive husband the more “nothing” she could do, higher status for her and her husband Poor and Minority Women not follow the “cult of womanhood”
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