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Skill Building Exercise Using a Balance

5 put the cover back on the balance 6 record the

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Unformatted text preview: 2. Zero the balance by hitting “tare.” 3. Remove the cover on the balance. 4. Place the item (such as a beaker, graduated cylinder, etc.) you want to weigh on the balance. 5. Put the cover back on the balance. 6. Record the weight of the item. Instructions for using a Top ­Loading Balance to weigh out solids: 1. Make sure the balance pan is clean. If it is not, take the brush located near the balance and wipe away the solid. 2. Zero the balance by hitting tare. 3. Remove the cover on the balance. 4. Place a piece of weighing paper on the balance and replace the cover. 5. Hit tare. 6. Remove the cover and carefully scoop the solid with a spatula onto the weighing paper until you get your desired amount (avoid getting any of the solid on anything besides the weigh paper). 7. Place the cover back onto the balance. 8. Record the weight of your solid. 9. When finished with the balance, clean up after yourself! Replace caps on all bottles and jars, & make sure the balance is covered and CLEAN!!!!!...
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