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Johns Hopkins University Principles of Marketing Spring 2008 Syllabus COURSE NUMBER : 660.250 COURSE TITLE: Principles of Marketing DAY/TIME: Mondays, 3:00pm-5:45pm LOCATION : Hodson 316 PROFESSOR: Andrea E. Wills Office: 104 Whitehead Email: [email protected] Home/Office Phone: 410-203-9378 (calls only between 9:00am-6:00pm, M->F) COURSE Stephanie Carr ASSISTANT (C.A.) : Office: 104 Whitehead Email: [email protected] Phone: 818-324-8845 OFFICE HOURS: Andrea Wills: Monday: 1:00pm – 2:30pm Stephanie Carr: Tuesday: 12:00pm – 1:00pm Thursday: 12:00pm - 1:00pm REQUIRED TEXT : Marketing , 8th ed., by Kerin et al, McGraw Hill/Irwin, 2006. OPTIONAL : Study Guide for Marketing , 8 th ed. RECOMMENDED: MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers , by Joseph Gibaldi, 5th edition, MLA Publishers, 1999, or most current edition. This reference paperback or one comparable is required for all groups to insure adherence to standard formatting for footnotes and the bibliography. COURSE OBJECTIVES : 1. To provide insight into the role of marketing within an organization. 2. To help students gain an understanding of key marketing concepts and principles. 3. To provide students with the opportunity to evaluate and formulate marketing strategies. 4. To challenge students to consider ethical and global issues relevant to contemporary marketing. 5. To encourage students to consider marketing as a career. METHODOLOGY: These course objectives will be pursued through the use of class and group discussion, videos, guest speakers, case studies, application assignments and a group project with written and oral presentation components. Class time will be devoted to covering key concepts and enhancing student understanding through examples/applications. 1
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COURSE PROCEDURES : 1. Prior to every class, each student is expected to read the assigned chapters and case studies. This includes all vignettes and boxed material within the chapters. Students should come to class prepared to share their thoughts and views on the readings and also prepared with any questions they had on the material. 2. If you must miss a class, it is your responsibility to get the notes from lecture, videos, cases, speakers, etc. from another student and/or have a student tape record the lecture. (Please note that most of the videotapes shown in class belong to the instructor and are not available for viewing at the library). 3. All assignments must be typed and submitted at the beginning of class on the due date . Late work will not be accepted. Assignments turned in late will receive a zero. If a student knows he/she will not be in class on a day a quiz will be taken or an assignment is due, it is the responsibility of the student to call the instructor and arrange to email or drop off (at the 104 Whitehead office) the homework to the instructor prior to class or by a mutually agreed upon time. For extreme illness and other emergency situations, students are required to obtain documentation from their College’s Advising Office for submission to
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660 250 02 Wills_student copy-1 - Johns Hopkins University...

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