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Education - Psychology School Achievement Factors the...

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Psychology School Achievement Factors the effect school Cross Cultural school achievement United States does a bad job educating the population It is ineffective The space race against the Russians -we wanted to be the intellectual power house of the world. We developed measures of school achievement All in the language of the country In 1987 we scored below the mean for every test given The entire test that we have to day was out of the shock that all of the other countries were way ahead of us. In the year 2000 a lot of the countries were way ahead of us. A lot of people said that the data is biased and not true -Because the other countries are not a representative sample - Because they don’t educate some of the people - Japan actually does a better job of universal education. 88% of all Japanese kids stay in school. -The US smartest kids are the smartest kids They only gave tests to the kids that had serious education (2 yr algebra and 1 yr of geometry) We only had 13% of people take the test The united states are still low 11 th chem 9 th physics and last in biology. 1989 1 in 10 had a score that was average of the japans elite team How early does the problem start Harold Stevenson He goes in and studies school achievement starting in kindergarten A large study in the 1980 and 1990s Went to china to Japan in kindergarten and got them in us and again in the 5 th grade Japan and china have a higher 2 family rate and racial homogeneity He got a sample that was even in Minnesota Stacked it in favor of the united states Scores Problem solving test Japan, china, US in K and 5 th Japan scores are twice the scores of the united states 14 Americans were in the top 100 in K In the 5 th grade we had 1 58 americans were in the lower 100 67 in the 5 th grade This pattern was for every math test Reading was slightly better We came in second. He went to Chicago and got a representative sample
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1 percent of all Chinese kids are at or below the means of Americans You cannot find a kid that were as bad as the American kids You see the deficit as early as elementary school 10 yrs later the US is behind Why are we so behind? 1. The number of days that we go to school Japan-243 days a year South Korea-220 Nigera-190 United States-175 The United States does not go to school as long In 1998 the randomly assigned kids to 190 days to 210 The kids that went to 210 Teachers do not want to add days Business does not want kids to go to school And taxpayers Placement of holidays Three straight months that we don’t go to school They space their vacation days 97% of teachers repeat lessons. 23 days of lessons of total repeat lessons Hours of days in school In most other countries it is 8 hrs In us it is 6 hrs They get 81 extra days because of this 1728 extra days 9.6 American school days.
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