Lecture 3 - Jan 28 Reconstruction (1865-1877): The...

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Jan 28 Reconstruction (1865-1877): The rebuilding of a shattered nation - In financial crisis, especially in the south b/c of Confederate War Bonds - 1/5 of southern men were dead - lots of psychological trauma Sherman meeting in 1865, a few months before the war actually ended African-American Leaders said they wanted: -Labor freely -Ownership of land Sherman set up Special Field Order 15, where he set off a bunch of land on an island and gave each black family 40 acres and a “broken” down mule - from Jan- Aug 1865 40,000 blacks were put on the islands I. Meanings of Freedom: “Did freedom mean simply the absence of slavery, or did it imply other rights for the former slaves, and if so which ones?”- what the US was asking A. African-Americans - No more physical violence - The reunification of family - Access to education and religious independence - create own churches, schools, colleges, communities - didn’t want to worship under predominantly white religions
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Lecture 3 - Jan 28 Reconstruction (1865-1877): The...

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