Ch00 Prelims

1 the wkb method 92 the connection formulas in the

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Unformatted text preview: uations 9.1 The WKB method 9.2 The connection formulas in the WKB method 9.3 The WKB method for bound states 9.4 The variational method 10 Time-independent perturbation theory 10.1 First-order time-independent perturbation theory 10.2 Second-order time-independent perturbation theory 10.3 Example for first-order perturbation calculation 11 Time-dependent perturbation theory 11.1 Time-dependent perturbation theory 11.2 Step-function-like perturbation 11.3 Harmonic perturbation and Fermi’s Golden Rule 12 Density of states 12.1 Density of states in bulk semiconductors (3D) 12.2 Density of states in semiconductors with reduced dimensionality (2D, 1D, 0D) 12.3 Effective density of states in 3D, 2D, 1D, 0D semiconductors 13 Classical and quantum statistics 13.1 Probability and distribution functions 13.2 Ideal gases of atoms and electrons 13.3 Maxwell velocity distribution 13.4 The Boltzmann factor 13.5 The Fermi–Dirac distribution 13.6 The Fermi–Dirac integral of order j = + 1/2 13.7 The Fermi–Dirac integral of order j = 0 13.8 The Fermi–Dirac integral of order j = – 1/2 14 Carrier concentrations © E. F. Schuber...
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