Ch00 Prelims

3 144 intrinsic semiconductors extrinsic

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Unformatted text preview: t 2 14.1 14.2 14.3 14.4 Intrinsic semiconductors Extrinsic semiconductors (single donor species) Extrinsic semiconductors (two donor species) Compensated semiconductors 15 Impurities in semiconductors 15.1 Bohr’s hydrogen atom model 15.2 Hydrogenic donors 15.3 Hydrogenic acceptors 15.4 Central cell corrections 15.5 Impurities associated with subsidiary minima 15.6 Deep impurities 16 High doping effects 16.1 Screening of impurity potentials 12.2 The Mott transition 16.3 The Burstein – Moss shift 16.4 Impurity bands 16.5 Band tails 16.6 Bandgap narrowing 17 Heterostructures 17.1 Band discontinuities 17.2 Semiconductor heterostructures 18 Tunneling in heterostructures 18.1 Ohmic contact structures 18.2 Metal-oxide-semiconductor structures 19 Some electrical device structures 19.1 Modulation-doped structures 19.2 Resonant-tunneling structures 20 Some optical device structures 20.1 Quantum well LEDs and lasers 20.2 Devices using the quantum-confined Stark effect 20.3 Devices using intersubband transitions © E. F. Schubert 3...
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