Lecture 6 - lots of environmental devastation lots came...

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Feb 4 - North Dakota was the most diverse territory at the time - 1% of the population owned ~80% of the wealth in the country - Jacob Riis: journalist/ photographer. Wrote “how the other half live” in 1901 Pg. 505-509 1. Horst Greeley 2. Liberal Republicans during the Grant administration - Grant administration one of the most corrupt in US history 3. Rutherford B. Hayes 4. Bargain of 1877 The Gilded Age (1880-1910) - Oct 1886, French gave us the Statue of Liberty - was the largest standing structure in the western part of the world - only until the turn of the century - symbolized the promise of freedom - urban poverty is now seen on a large scale
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Unformatted text preview: - lots of environmental devastation- lots came from building cities such as NY and Chicago- Americas great push to become an industrialized nation happened during the gilded age- glided age: basically meant ,pretty on the outside but not so good on the inside- industrial economy was possible b/c: 1. an abundance of natural resources from the western states 2. a growing supply of really cheap labor, especially from immigrants 3. expanding over seas markets 4. availability of capital for investment 5. expansion of the railroad 6. removal of the Indians for farming and mining 7. lots of innovation with technology...
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