NEGATIVE NEWS - Michelle Belsher Negative News BG200/05...

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Michelle Belsher Negative News BG200/05 Negative News Outline I. Thanks for interest in the gym and membership II. Explanation and options A. Explanation 1. Policy is stated a. Extended Membership requires good credit 2. Explanation of why we have policy a. Extended Membership is costly b. Provide an excellent experience to our customers B. Negative news and options 1. Inform of bad news: credit denial 2. Offer alternatives a. Drop In and Work Out plan b. Advantages of alternative options III. Look forward to future A. Can’t wait to see you in here B. Offer incentive 1. First to try newest yoga class a. For free C. Hope to see soon
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March 6, 2008 Ms. Rebecca Peniccia Box 103 Westgate Hills 1402 Avenue Mesa, AZ 805301 Dear Ms. Peniccia: Thank you for your interest not only in Gold’s Gym and Fitness Center, but also in our Extended Membership program. As one who is committed to a healthy and active lifestyle, we are pleased to offer you a wide variety of options to suite your fitness needs. As you know, the Extended Membership plan includes access to any of our classes and
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NEGATIVE NEWS - Michelle Belsher Negative News BG200/05...

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