CHAPTER 10 English version Polymer Injection

Hydrolysis this ch ch2 c o nh2 acrylamide structure

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Unformatted text preview: NH2 Acrylamide structure POLYMER INJECTION POLYMER Polymer Characteristics Rheology Rheology Polymer Solution consists of giant molecules Polymer which behaves non-Newtonian fluid which Polymer Solution rheology: Viscoelasticity and relaxation time Laminar flow Longitudinal flow direction POLYMER INJECTION POLYMER Polymer Characteristics Polymer Parameter related to permeability reduction Parameter is resistance factor, R, which is a measure of mobility reduction. of R depends on polymer concentration depends kw λw µw R= = λp k p µp POLYMER INJECTION POLYMER Polymer Characteristics Polymer Size Non-ionic polymer (Flory) Non-ionic r = 8(Wη ) 2 1 Linear Polymer r 2 = 6 s2 3 POLYMER INJECTION POLYMER Polymer Characteristics Polymer W η s μ μs = molecular weight = intrinsic viscosity = gyration radius of polymer molecule = polymer solution viscosity = solvent viscosity C = polymer concentration POLYMER INJECTION POLYMER Displacement Mechanism Polymer reduces the ratio of water to oil Polymer mobility by reducing effective water viscosity viscosity Thus increasing injection efficiency POLYMER INJECTION POLYMER Reservoir Criteria Reservoir Mobility ratio: 2 – 20 (with significant Mobility permeability variation) permeability High permeability and oil viscosity Reservoir temperature < 250 – 300oF High mobile oil saturation Reservoir with weak or no water drive Reservoir (preferably no or small water production) (preferably POLYMER INJECTION POLYMER F...
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