CHAPTER 10 English version Polymer Injection

Production preferably polymer injection polymer

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Unformatted text preview: easibility Study Feasibility Feasibility study is based on the economics Feasibility Feasibility study is done by comparing profit Feasibility of oil recovery (by injection effect) with cost of polymer injection of Methods of estimating oil recovery: Stiles, Dykstra-Parsons-Johnson, BuckleyLeverett, etc) POLYMER INJECTION POLYMER Field Operation Field Polymer Mixing System Feed Hooper Air supply O2 Bio Scavenger Filter To Injection pump Polymer Polymer mixer Mixing Tank POLYMER INJECTION POLYMER Feasibility Study Feasibility Fluid Injection System Injection Well Valve POLYMER INJECTION POLYMER Application Application East Coalinga Field, California (USA) Biopolymer solvent was injected in pilot area for Biopolymer 2.5 month (started 1978) 2.5 Mobility ratio is reduced from 15:1 down to 3:2 Mobility with 400 ppm polymer solvent with Oil recovery: 2.6 MMBO (0.6 MMBO is Oil classified as oil recovery from polymer injection) injection) POLYMER INJECTION POLYMER Feasibility Study Feasibility North Stanley Field, Oklahoma (USA) WOR reduction from 75:1 down to 50:1 660 BOPD (130 BOPD is classified as oil 660 recovery from polymer injection) recovery PREDICTION OF POLYMER FLOODING PERFORMANCE PERFORMANCE By : Septoratno Siregar Septoratno POLYMER INJECTION POLYMER Objectives Objectives Determine the polymer displacement mechanisms Determine in microscopic (ED) and macroscopic (ES) scale in POLYMER INJECTION POLYMER Methodology Methodology Frontal-advance equation in...
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