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CHAPTER 10 English version Polymer Injection

Scale in polymer injection polymer methodology

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Unformatted text preview: a 1-D linear system (waterflood) - Analytic Analytic - Numeric Numeric Developing the frontal-advance equation that describes the Developing transport of polymer fluids in oil displacement process in a linear system (1-D) linear - Analytic Analytic - Numeric Numeric Displacement mechanisms of polymer fluids in a areal Displacement system (2-D) using Numeric with parameters study system POLYMER INJECTION POLYMER Data POLYMER INJECTION POLYMER Polyacrilamide Polyacrilamide Polymer Viscosity 200 ppm 1.7x 400 ppm 2.7x 800 ppm 6x 1600 ppm 16x POLYMER INJECTION POLYMER Curves POLYMER INJECTION POLYMER Curves POLYMER INJECTION POLYMER Displacement in Linier System Displacement Linear flow in 1-D horizontal reservoir Rock is considered homogeneous in porosity, Rock permeability , length , and cross-sectional area permeability Interstitial water saturation No gas present No present Gravity and capillary forces are negligible POLYMER INJECTION POLYMER Feasibility Study Sw Xd POLYMER INJECTION POLYMER Results POLYMER INJECTION POLYMER Results POLYMER INJECTION POLYMER Results POLYMER INJECTION POLYMER Conclusions Conclusions Polymer displacement was able to improve Polymer displacement efficiency in the system displacement The oil recovery that was given after polymerflood The shown a significant result compared to the result that was given by waterflood process that Polymer can improved oil recovery and is potential Polymer for tertiary recovery for POLYMER INJECTION The End THANK YOU THANK...
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