11-16 Buddhism cont

11-16 Buddhism cont - -International religion-Three kingdom...

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Buddhism Spread of Buddhism across Asia - 1 st century Buddhism brought to China through trade routes - Kind of a magical way to preserve power - Rich people accepted Buddhism first - North China first o The rulers of the northern part were not Chinese o No reluctance to learn something from foreign lands o Only unaccepted thing was the rule of no killing – warriors - Buddhism became much more accepted because it offered solace in a time of great turmoil - In Vietnam it’s also quite popular - Buddhism different in throughout regions
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Unformatted text preview: -International religion-Three kingdom period o Korea o Accepted Buddhism Goryu Shinra-In India the Buddhism suffered o Loathing for Buddhism by northeastern India-Japan in the 6 th century-m-Buddhism didn’t try to take out Shinto, but tried to highlight similar points-Great popularity of Buddhism in the 6 th century o Liang dynasty 502 – 557 o Emperor Wu was a fervent Buddhist o 2846 temples-D-Buddhism is probably the most tolerant religion-...
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11-16 Buddhism cont - -International religion-Three kingdom...

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