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Calculate the energy for vacancy formation in jmol

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Unformatted text preview: 0 K to 1180 K. Calculate the energy for vacancy formation (in J/mol) assuming that the density of the meta; '~\r, -fva CivH' +tr1S \ \Q 'S-t\e('cJh. b?c.'dl)~e '\ ~ n'fl \C\s\-1( ek"~yn.&+\"l 5Tr~,".T - I I'" \"'Cl tJ k fcC'(- ~\c'\~"'\~~\\J f\ • I-cone. e \ \- ,(ea.c..y,.. ') Mti)( I vlYt' ( _, w, h:>,16 Vi 01 dbSo( GOw that the atomic packing fraction of a BCC crystal is 0.68 (Hint, put a in terms of atomic radius R) (6 points) ff:: VoluY'ht' 1>( atc..."'/Vt) \"\ vn,\ ce.lI . A tD ~ \ ',f C(\I \Ji>\\lM-r( From ..Tau Beta Pi SJSU Exam Library: http://exams.tbpsjsu.org 0>') ~ CO(V~,' 1'Yl~ Ip...
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