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Unformatted text preview: l)Ct J ~ I.Q e.nerj ~ \ ~,c(-\-\)H~.'. \-') Ipl , 6 <_ Q" :- 2. (LT ~ ;:. - (j)" ~ (-§d.Y) 1",5 -:. (\f\5)(Y,) (-~) IYl'5tll())(1,3~'(O-'l.3) k..) For a steel alloy it -has ~en determined that a carburizing heat treatmenl~ 11{h~uration will raise the camon concentration to 0.38 wt% at a point 1.5 mm from the surface. Estimate the Jj!D§. (in h) necessary to achieve the same ~on~t a 4.7 mm position for a¥; identical steel and at the same carburizing temperature. (6 points) o 5. N",( 0 \J 4 4. . The number of vacancies in a hypothetical metal increases by a factor of 5 when the temoerature is increased rrorT' 107...
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