E j consider two materials a and b a is brittle and b

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Unformatted text preview: and B. A is brittle and B is ductile. On one graph. draw the stress strain curves for both A d ~ \<... and B. Which material is tougher? How is the evident on the graph? (6 points) ~ __' , ')0. [\/\3tcv'ld\ 81 i'\ tev,:!lner be.c(!.vse WI::.. (jI\~ v 5 f;j~- .' t" -\eI"1'>'Q, ~¥<(" 6 n \\ fti~/ rI-{5 <'! 'M ci~.r:.O"<m \ "\\-1 '7 1+ EXTRA CREDIT ~y 6 \ IS -" CI"X.{ -+'re \ v , Clrcl -h.x-(l I ',+ etl.n Vj Vl:'l>--k(\~lS:a.Y\'S , \., os '(Yv.t -\ ~r " 0 ~ 'J\,\ \ \ "tens 'Ie e.nerJ \'VI~ dvc\-~\" 'r\ ,"\'5 1"\ '(Y) '(Yli...
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