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Learning and attachment

Learning and attachment - SynPsychology Average for test...

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SynPsychology October 23, 2007 Average for test was a 26 30, 29 is a B Paper in due in class on November 20 th 2 articles Attachment Emotional understanding. No lecture on intelligence. Language development You are born with no understanding of what language is or what a word is. Kids will learn how to speak even though you never give them a lesson. How do really small kids come to acquire a language with out teaching? Think about how you think a kid does it. Language is the hallmark of what a human is -this is the real thing that sets us apart of all species Four things that people think are unique about human language(there ways are Displaced reference The ability to communicate or talk about something in its absence Example of the lion and its prey Humans can talk about things when it is not there. Children get this ability fairly early ?does this have anything to do with the fact that animals don’t have much of long-term dev. Generatively The ability of a language to allow you to say things that have never been said before. You can come up with something knew Children get this early Prevarication The ability to lie or misrepresent reality. Animals cannot do this Define social systems Example: dating, married is just words, but fundamentally a lot have changed. Animals do not use words to define a social action Children understand this Example: kid saying you promised! Because reality is constrained by words Exception: Some animal species might rival ours or come close-dolphins Language development
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3 components or categories of types of language development. (comprehension comes before production) Phonetic Component - The sounds that make up spoken languages in humans. Comprehension ? When can babies hear the sound of speech. The hear perfect from birth ? Can the tell the difference between speech sounds and regular sounds The day you are born. Your brain puts language in a different part. ? Can the tell the difference between language No, they recognize all phonemes Phonemes are the smallest unit of sound of human language. If you get exposed to only a subset, you loose the ability to hear the other ones. So younger children are more ripe to learn other languages. There are 90 phonemes. English has 36-45 Hard one to learn are “err a l” We don’t have some that other languages have Rr, uu ?Can babies hear the difference between similar phonemes. The can hear them and tell them apart. ? Can the see where breaks are in a word Example: Happily Babies from birth can recognize the phonemical differences even when there is not a physical one.
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Learning and attachment - SynPsychology Average for test...

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