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09-19 Legalism

09-19 Legalism - Legalism not really a philosophy an...

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Legalism : - not really a philosophy, an approach for government - came about because of the warring states period itself o enormous armies o treaties o survival of the state/individual - people grouped together who defended each other had a much better chance of survival - the State - the goal was the survival of the individual through the state – survival of the state - military – we need force of arms to protect our abundance (agricultural wealth) - agricultural wealth - used to pay the armed force(military) - no tolerance for individual preferences - the survival of the group is the most important - the problem is, agricultural work was difficult in those days (intense) - human nature is no good - set a system of rewards and punishments - distrust human nature Lord Shang - organized every single household in units of 5 and 10 - prime minister of a legalist state - militarized the population - these units had ritual responsibilities – report crimes in that group - not reporting a crime is considered treason -
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