09-21 Japan

09-21 Japan - -Purification rituals – branch waving...

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Japan - Techniques of immortality - The emperor was persuaded by sorcerers that there were sacred islands which had special herbs - Some of those expeditions landed in Japan, but not as many as to have changed the Japanese population - The Japanese population have ancestors from the Stone Age - Sun as their ancestor - Yamato – Nara - Be(T ) – occupational group(fishermen) - Japanese legend says that the grandson of the sun goddess was Japan’s first emperor - Chinese writing in Japan was taught by Korea Shinto - Kami – phenomenon or being who is superior or extraordinary - Mongols tried to invade them, but failed as they were not sailors - Kamikaze – wind of the gods - Ancestors are considered as kami - Emperor was divine - Blood = impure(death, childbirth, menstruation, wounds) - Trips to famous waterfalls, shrines, to show their devotion to their kami - Festivals – new year, summer, etc
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Unformatted text preview: -Purification rituals – branch waving, prayer, offerings-Shinto involves a lot of participation – festivals, processions, -a joyful religion-highly national – Japanese-Buddhism came in later from China and Korea-Buddhism and Shinto have a cooperative tolerance, a division of labor-Marriage – Shinto, Funerals – Buddhism-Shamanism Shaman – can communicate with the spirits Shamans were women some had supernatural powers Kojiki Nihongi – a record of Japan (origin ancestry of a clan in the Yamato region) Divine creation of the Japanese islands-the kami responsible for this are: Izanagi(male) and Izanami(female)-they dipped a spear with jewels in water and the drop which dripped from the tip was Japan’s first island-jewels – fertility-Izanami proposes to Izanagi Amaterasu-Amaterasu – goddess of the sun...
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09-21 Japan - -Purification rituals – branch waving...

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